Friday, 7 October 2011

Gun Fun

Hellwos all, Richardjrn here to tell you about some gun rated fun...

Me and Sophie Johnson (hydregion) were floating around in the MRU's Pool, yes we have a pool... see here
When suddenly Sophie had the urge to fire off some weapons so we went to the WSB (Weapons SandBox) and ended up getting a bit carried away..

But then i changed to a different gun, and well lets just say i cubed the place

We was having a whale of a time hehe

But Sophie got her own back with Nerf guns

I even got one out and was shooting at her, but even upclose i missed

But she got me in the end

It was then the Oreo Cookie crumbled....

The poor MRU

I dread to think what these people was thinking

"I could really go for a cookie right now...."

After the Oreo carnage cleared we decided that it was a draw (gladly cause i knew she would of won :S)
So we posed together for a "Yes we caused the carnage" shot

We had alot of fun and i hope we can do it again but with more people... that will be interesting....

Anyway until next time!


  1. "I dread to think what these people was thinking"

    I remember saying 'I guess someone is having fun over there' when I saw the cookies. I also thought something about the whales, but I can't remember what it was :p

  2. Darth, you probably thought the same thing the whale did...

    "Not again..."

    And great article Rich! :D

  3. It was my idea in the first place. :P

    - Sophie.

  4. The whale did not think that, the whale thought about 'who am I' and 'what is that coming toward me, round, ground, I wonder if it will be friends with me'.