Monday, 3 October 2011

GFC Book of Records first challenge

Im sooooo excited, we have finished our first challenge and it was a HUGE success!!
Now ask yourself, how many people can hula hoop on the top of a regulation sized shuttlecaraft?
Did you say 5?....hmm no, guess again. You think 8? hmmm no, but your geting warmer....

 Sunday, the 3rd of October at 18:00 SLT, will forever go down in GFC history as the day we officially declared that 12 hula hooping fans could hula together on top of a APTT - Drop Shuttle (1.0)Type 57 shuttle by AvenaTech shipyards.....and hula hoop their way into the GFC Book of Recods. Thank you all to the following participants. I hope you will all agree it was a lot of fun and we managed to shift a few centimetres off our hips as well...lol  The happy hoopers are ( in no particular order).....

Kaori Juliesse                           
Cobramax Mechanique
Starr Jetaime
Yalene Resident
 lillian Aries
 Kal Eilde
 Dustin Sunflower
 Debbydo Resident
 Janel Doune
 Damian Firecaster
 Rikkei Foxdale & Snapper Desade

The next challenge is a land speed challenge, which will involve driving a vehicle on a short, fairly simple obstacle course and parking in a designated area. For this I will need 5 male and 5 female volunteers, and the fastest from each sex will be declared the winners. Im me (Yalene resident aka six of nine) for more details and to volunteer, but be quick as you know the numbers are limited. Its all for a good cause and i promise it will be loads of fun, so I look forward to hear from you all...Hugsssss

More Picture HERE

Yalene (six of nine)

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