Monday, 3 October 2011

Under New Management

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G-Man here

Today was a very Historic day for the AAC (Academy Air Corps)
This morning our beloved Air Chief, Captain Emilie DeSantis, retired from her position of over 2 years as AAC's Air Chief, and turned the reins of command over to her executive officer Lt. Commander Sodak Xeltentat. It was a very moving ceremony and all are sad to see her go, but she really hasn't left. She has been promoted to a new position as AAC's senior advisor. So we will still be able to benefit from her knowledge and skills in the AAC.

Captain DeSantis inspects her pilots one last time  
I myself had only been a pilot for a few months when Captain DeSantis took over as air chief, and in the years since, i've seen many wonderful changes in the AAC due to her leadership. Our ranks have grown to include pilots from all over the world. There are now 2 academy classes for the AAC and a third is on the way. Numerous ships have been built by the skilled engineers at GFC and turned over to the AAC to fly. A flight school was built to teach our new pilots the skills they need in dog-fighting and just flying in general. These are just a few of the improvements i've seen under the Captain's leadership. But above all, she's been there for our pilots, watching out for us, and making sure that everyone was the best they could be, and also having fun while doing it.

My last inspection by Captain DeSantis   
The AAC thrived under the leadership of Captain DeSantis, and although she is not leaving, and I also know that she has trained her successor well, you will be missed "Chief"! Congratulations on your promotion to your new duties as Sr. Advisor, and I wish you God Speed in whatever comes next.

And now, all our eyes turn to our new Air Chief, Lt. Commander Sodak Xeltentat. He has been Captain Desantis's right hand for as long as I can remember. Leading in his quiet Vulcan manner, he has been one that all of the pilots have looked up to, and I know he will do well as our new Chief. Congratulations Commander on having the honor of the "big" chair being pulled out for you, and for your courage to sit down in it. I look forward to continuing to serve as a squadron leader under your command.

Captain DeSantis inspects her successor    
There were a few other changes in the AAC Staff. Ltjg Thomas Aker is now the Asst. Air Chief.

Ltjg Thomas Aker, 2nd in Command  
MCPO Malcolm Sholokhov was appointed as Nova Squadron Leader.

MCPO Malcolm Sholokhov, Nova Squadron Leader  
And finally Lieutenant Phedre Aonifall, and MCPO Starr Jetaime were appointed as Red Squadron Wing Leader, and Sigma Squadron Wing Leader respectfully.

Lt. Phedre Aonifal, Red Squadron Wing Leader

Today was a very solemn, but happy day for the pilots of AAC. We watched as friends and fellow pilots were promoted into new positions of responsibility, and we wish only the best for them. We all look forward to all the new possibilities that await the AAC in the future.

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  1. We wish her well, and congrats to all who got promoted all well deserved.

  2. Very moving article and we all wish Captain Desantis's the best in her new endeavours.