Friday, 9 September 2011

Star Treks 45th Anniversary Event

If there's one thing we know to do in the GFC is party, so when the 45th anniversary of the original Star Trek (TOS) series first airing came round the team from Xenomusicology were on to it like a shot and to celebrate had erected a TOS set resembling star treks first bridge.

Harmonic Manipulator's Gandalf Nakamura & Snapper Desade were on board with Gandalf opening the celebrations. Constellation sim started to fill up with members and guests donning their TOS series uniforms, yes you've got its, ladies in very short mini skirts and boots, almost an excuse to bring back the 60's.

 Keeba Tammas performing live
But the entertainment was only just beginning as we had 2 hours of live music played on a custom made stage with kirk, bones and spock cutouts strategically placed by a paper mache looking rock. Singer Keeba Tammas belted out tune after tune with her strong voice which delighted the watching crowd. She even had a little blue bear playing guitar on set, not sure if it was part of the act but was entertaining all the same, it put a smile on many of the revelers faces.

Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli  singing together
The second live act to play for us were Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli who's brand of duet and sultry voices wooed the on looking audience with a gentler tone.

As more and more people piled into Constellation we topped the 50 visitors mark and the party was really flowing, you've never seen so many Trekkies getting down on a dance floor.

It was left to Snapper Desade to wind the party down with some more Harmonic Manipulating and once again the GFC showed SL that we sure know how to celebrate, organise an event and party like its the 24th century.

Thank you Gene Roddenberry for not only creating a great show but a great philosophy for us to aspire to and Xenomusicology, plus all those who helped us celebrate it.

Hopefully we'll be there to do it again on the 50th anniversary.

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