Sunday, 11 September 2011

Did you know... Aeon Sim

There are a lot of things that aren't general knowledge throughout the four GFC sims. Things that make you go 'huh?' This is part 2 of a series of 4 blog posts, which looks at those amazing, fun, odd and strange things. Today... Aeon Sim!

For example... did you know...

... that next to the Aeon sandbox is a small area to sit, where you can actually get some tea? And not from a standard Starfleet issue teapot either!

Can't say I like the decorations of this teapot though...
... that someone stole the 's' in 'Operations' and 'Headquarters'?

where's the 's'?

... that you can actually open, close, lock and unlock the airlocks of DS19 from the Engineering office?

Engineering's way of making sure someone dies horribly?

... that there's a Jeffries Tube in the Engineering office that brings you directly into the office of the Security Chief?

An escape route!

... that our Security Chief is a devout worshipper of the occult clan known as 'Holy Doors'?

All hail the Chief of Security's door!

... that the sign of the office of our Inspector General uses Windows? And that it is always busy?

Ethan is always busy...
... that Security violates its own no-weapons rule?

Help! Help! Weapons!
... that the Library has a permanent resident? (we call him Johnny.)

And doesn't he work hard!
... that the 'Fifth Pip' is haunted? (A tribble and an ancient PADD float in mid-air!)

Who ya gonna call?

... that the deuterium tank near the sandbox is *still* leaking dangerous chemicals? It's a good thing Medical went to Aeon, since there's bound to be people with respitory problems!

Breath in deeply folks...
... that the entire top floor of Medical is empty, except for one homely decorated office?

Oooh... counselling is back?
... that a stray pointer points at absolutely nothing in Medical?

'Bad news I'm afraid... the readings are off the charts!'
... that we have a drydock next to the Aeon residential Starbase?

But where's the ship that fits in it?

... that there's a hidden texturelab in the skies above Aeon?

Shhh... it's a secret!
... that Taurik left one of his CDO PADDs in the Ajax conference room?

Does Taurik prepare Admiral Mechanique's speeches?
... that after a long day of searching every corner of the sim for something interesting, odd, strange or funny, it's very nice to relax at Risa!

Odd indeed, that the trees are in the water!

That's it for me this time, folks! Next time... Constellation!

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