Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Moblie Research Unit

Today, GFC was really busy!

Dustin Sunflower, Debbydo, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Thomas Aker, Valkyla, snapper Desade and Jimmy Vehrous.

You may look at these pictures above and think, those officers there are not doing much!
But do we always have to be doing things to be an active member of GFC?
I can tell you that many new ideas have been thought of and made real in this MRU.
(Mobile Research Unit)
There has even been sightings of another similar building - Mobile Library Unit.
Just because someone is standing around doesn't mean they aren't working on something.
Though it is sometimes nice to just go to the Sandbox and show that you are alive.
I personally have been working for GFC out side of the Viewer lately.
But I still often pop my head in and say Hi!
It is rather diifficult to keep up with new things in GFC,
We at the Blog try to keep you updated! 
Check back often for new and exciting articles.

Reporting for GFC News.
Jimmy Vehrous!

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  1. it these times things when we have too much time on our hands that our minds come up with crazy things for the gfc.