Thursday, 4 August 2011

DS19's secret

We all know it. We all saw it. In DS19's Operations center, there is a turbolift covered by a forcefield. Where that turbolift goes though, nobody knows. Well, perhaps the senior staff, but will they tell us? No!

As you have read in this blog, I've once before tried to get through the shield. I failed miserably. However, today I decided to try again. At exactly 2.50 PM SLT on august 4th, I beamed on board, with a plan! It was simple, yet daring. If I'd get caught, it could cost me my rank. But curiosity had to be satisfied!

First, I went to deck 3: Engineering. There was nobody in sight. Good. As quickly as I could, I added a small program to the computer systems. It was designed to give me a the password to beam into the shield. Many Ferengi received lots of Latinum to get me that...

At the Engineering console...

But finally, I got it. The transportercode. I couldn't believe my luck. I quickly made my way out of Engineering, but not before I deleted the program. Nobody would ever find it... After that, I hurried to the Promenade, and accessed the transporter.


I re-materialised exactly where I wanted to be: inside the forcefield. My plan was working!

Exactly where I wanted!

The turbolift started to move, and before I knew it, I was... well, I don't know. My recording equipment malfunctioned, and the world around me seemed to spin around. I remember seeing consoles of some sort, but they didn't seem familiar... and then I must have passed out.

I woke up here, in DS19's holding cells. I have no idea how I got here, or who put me here. I was curious as to how long I was out, so I asked the computer for the time... and guess what it said?

The time is now 2.50 PM SLT, august 4th.

I'm telling you, I'm not making this up! You've got to believe me: there's more going on at DS19 than meets the eye! Go out there, explore, find out the secret... but first, release me please!



  1. walks passes cell...whistles...walks on... Laughs.

  2. Awesome Post!!!

    Loved it ...

    As "First Officer" of DS19 I have access to unique information on DS19 ... Do I know where that leads?


  3. lets leave him there for spreading the awesome word

  4. I know where it goes as former Asst CMO of the station I used the turbo lift. But I think I would be hunted down if I told you.