Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Strategic Operations

 Greetings all and thank you for following GFC news. As director of Strategic Operations I want to send my thanks to all of you for making GFC what it is today. I have been a proud member of GFC for going on two years now.

It all began the day I ran into a member while shopping at my local freebie market. Being a huge fan of ST he stood out among the regular crowd. He told me about this wonderful place named GalaxyFleetCommand and offered to come along with me for a visit, and what a visit it was. :) I was introduced to this group called the AAC and this one guy named Gokyu who got it in his head he could teach me to fly. Since I have always loved a good challenge I decided to take him up on his offer. Many many crashes and a chicken coop later...lo and behold I actually became a pilot in the Air Academy. (emmm..my callsign is still crash) Somehow I even managed to become Sigma Squadron Leader and flight instructor.

My many months as Squadron Leader was so exciting! I met a great guy at Quark's after flight training one evening. Orion leader Mr. Barbosa was the perfect gentleman offering me a seat and a drink. The Orion ladies looked so lovely in their beautiful silks. Malcolm almost even had himself a new home :) and Tails was particularly loved by the bewitching Juicy Morgwain. A wonderful time was had by all at Quark's for weeks on end until the dreaded day the contraband was found and the Orions abandoned the station. Security stepped up patrols to no avail. Those stubborn green folk were determined to move in on USS Paris!! After many battles they even succeeded in taking over our beloved ship, but GFC pulled together and regained control. Unfortunately Mr. Barbosa escaped and is still at large.

After this major event, I was asked by Captain Dolamite Griffin to assist him in Strategic Operations. I gladly accepted the position since being busy and having fun in GFC are two of my favorite things to do. I continued to work closely with the AAC planning and participating in many events. When Cpt. Griffin took his extended leave and the lead position became available I quickly applied and much to my surprise got the job!! Yay!!

Though it started as a bit of a struggle getting things moving and shaking, I am proud to announce that thanks to the wonderful team in Strat Ops we now have 5 weekly in sim rps and two cross sim rps. Please be sure to check out our ad boards and blog to keep up with the events and feel free to join us at any of them be you a visitor, recruit, or enlisted member. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun!! Thank you for your time and participation! Lt.jg. Phedre Aonifall Strategic Operations Lead


  1. ah, now we know the names of the people that lead you astray :)

    Love the post..

  2. Lol ahhhhh the days of our youth, when we were young and carefree. When all I had to do was fly around and shoot you out of the sky *grins evilly* Great Post P. Those were the days :)

  3. Those were the day eh? The days when I had left GFC! Cheers Guys!!!!!

    No, great post P, Loved it ^^

  4. You do know once you blog here your not allowed to leave....its written in white on a white page unpublished of course, but its is legally binding in a dictatorial country with no human right laws, so just sign in blood here please :)

  5. Ummm....can I use fake blood???