Wednesday, 6 July 2011

4th Party

Greetings Readers

G-Man here

Well yesterday was a pretty exciting day here in GFC. We had the Grand Re-Opening of the sim Constellation. It has been re-modeled and we have a brand new Galaxy Market with all the latest in technological advances. It's a wonderful new "open" air market and definitely deserves a look. Anyway after the ribbon cutting we held a "ZZ TOP" concert that was really awesome! I know that one of the other bloggers here plans on a more in depth report on this so I will just say it was a fantastic concert that we managed to pack 50 people into, along with all the fireworks. A record I think, or at least close to it on the number of people in a sim.

After the concert was over, everyone wandered off to do whatever it is they do in sl. And being a holiday in the US. i'm sure alot of people had plans in their real lives for the day. So the sims pretty much quieted down for the day. Later in the evening as I was wandering around looking for something to do,  I stopped by the sandbox in Aeon to see what, if anything was happening. Was pretty quiet except for Thomas and Dustin. I asked if there were any plans for fireworks later in the evening and Thomas jumped up and said let's do some now. And that's how our "little" impromptu party began. Thomas brought out some fireworks, Lillian stopped by and threw out a dance floor. I even brought out the "old" Gokyu and dressed him up for the occasion.

Some pretty colorful characters stopped by for our little party. Uncle Sam himself made an appearance.

One of our Resident Vulcans also stopped by and put to rest the question of "Can Vulcans Dance?" It seems they definitely can as Sodak definitely showed us some of his "moves".

K, our Sigma Squadron leader dropped by and added a few more fireworks to our showed and made it even more awesome!

So all in all, a day that I thought would be relatively quiet and un-eventful, turned out to be one heck of a impromptu party! Fun was definitely had by all, and it was a wonderful way to end the 4th of July for me. It also goes on to show that just because nothing is scheduled here in GFC, doesn't mean that "nothing" is going on. Events happen all of the time, whether it's a 4th party, or a group of people shooting phasers at drone targets in the tactical sandbox. Or something even simpler as a small group of friends sitting around and talking about their adventures in this wonderful place we call SL. So if your ever having a day like me and looking for something to do, drop on by the sims here at GFC. You never know what you may find. Below you will find a link to some of the other pictures I took at the party. I hope you enjoy them.

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More 4th Pics


  1. Hey, how come you always end up and the impromptu parties!!!

    Conspiracy I say :)

  2. G is the impromtu party master, snapper!!! Looks like Sodak had to burn off a little more champagne from the first celebration. I hope you drove him home safely G!! Sorry I missed the rest of the fun. The fireworks in the pics look better than what I got to see in rl. Great job, Thomas. I am glad you didn't burn the sims down in your play *grins*

  3. lol looks like you all had fun with out me again Sighs !!!
    Well back to work I go in rl