Sunday, 10 July 2011

Something's wrong...?

The GFC General Meeting. Every saturday - except the last saturday of the month - the GFC membership gathers to listen to the reports being read out. Quite interesting indeed, since a lot of fascinating information is being said there.

However, something caught my eye when I was sitting in the auditorium. There were a couple of people, and the hall wasn't crowded, but still, numerous seats were occupied. Thus my surprise was great when I compared the pictures I took... Well, have a look. Does something strike you as odd?

You might have noticed... why am I sitting alone? Everyone else has multiple persons sitting around them, even Snapper, even though he wears the same labcoat all the time! So why is nobody sitting with me? Personally, I have no idea. I don't smell, do I? Oh no, I do, don't I? I swear, I showered this morning, so it can't be that! But then what?

Wait a second... people often avoid sick people. Is that it? Do I have some illness that I don't know about? Am I going to die? If so, please let it be a death that I haven't had before. I would like to add it to a new 'the deaths of RoBobby McMillan' exhibition later on.

Nah, that can't be it either, can it? Hmmm... what could it be! Do any of you have any idea?


  1. Maybe it's because they thought you were me?

    They don't like me ^^

    Aha! Loved the post! Nice one :)

  2. We've all agreed to hide the truth from you, we thought the best place to store the reason was in google docs because some people think they aren't relevant so you wouldn't look, long live the notecard!!!!!!

  3. And you forgot moe in the pictures. Got to have moe in it :P

  4. Aww poor moe sob sob,
    great read again Rob