Saturday, 9 July 2011

Under his wing

When thinking about my time in secondlife different experiences and people come to mind, one such person is the Assistant Lead of Research Lt.Jg Richard Weatherwax.

When your first clap eyes on him its hard its know what to make of him. On duties he’d be the guy with wings and a research labcoat who is more likely tinkering with one of his toys. Half the time you wont even know what he’s building, in fact usually he doesn’t know what he’s building, as he says “Its in my head so I need to get it out”. In his time in the GFC he’s made (I have been informed) a multitude of weird and wonderful objects.

Flying the gryphon
He is also a pilot for the AAC and a Member of the ASDB ship building division where he’s heavenly involved in writing advanced flight scripts. He scripted the most advanced GFC aircraft to date with the Gryphon and filled it with some incredible features and options I haven’t even touched yet, I’m just happy getting my plane to simply take off :)

At the moment he seems to be juggling like a circus artist two projects at once. One of these projects is something called AWADS (stands for Automatic Weapon Area Disabling System, apparently) something to do GFC weapons deactivating in certain area, sound all gobbledygook to me.

The other product, which I do know something about is the new Mobile Research Unit (MRU), I’ve spent a bit of time in it, chatting with the research guys and moving instantaneously to various locations in the sim. One minute your sitting there in space and next your in the hole of the doughnut in Infinity station. If that wasn’t enough you can fly the mobile office around the sim, its large and bulky though, a bit like Richard’s ego  I expect lol.

                   Richardjrn in winged flight
A few days ago the MRU had a special guest  come visit, Admirial Cobramax Mechanique beamed down to talk to Richard about the AWADS system and show him the The Mobile Unit.

One of Richards other talents is as a DJ and has been heard in Secondlife spinning the decks at reknaw's radio.

If you see him around say hi, but remember, he may not always answer as he’s a mad scientist and has his heads probably stuck in a prim...sometimes literally.


  1. *sniff* tht was awesome *sniff* hugs all round *hugs* who knew a hologram could cry

  2. Aww! Lovely Post Debbs!

    I'll be waiting for my very own!