Thursday, 7 July 2011

Snappers 5th Rezz Day

My joining photo
Graduation Picture
Its amazing how time flies when your an avatar in a virtual world and it was a little by chance that I glanced at the calendar and noticed  something familiar with the date. Double checking my avatars birth date revealed my suspicions were correct, today was my Rezz Day. Yes, this time 5 years ago a wet behind the ears guy loaded up second life and
thought, "hey, i'll try that out".

In those 5 years in SL, I've seen good times, bad times, crazy times, seen people come, people go, people come back from going and people threatening to go, then not going, people being banned, unbanned, threatened to be banned  and thinking they were banned when they weren't.
Impromptu party on the Mobile Research Unit

But its always been interesting and maybe that's what keeps people here and brings people back. So here's for a another 5 years....or until someone sticks a tube in the back of my head and plugs me into the matrix.

To celebrate some of us had a quick disco in the new Mobile Research Unit over the sandbox.

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  1. tee he he you first av looked worst than mine ...
    in fact it still does..............