Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Labor of Love

     With only a few weeks left until the bi-annual ball, I sit at my desk in Galaxy Sim pondering the task at hand. I love my office. It is ranges from very quiet to full of thoughts, ideas, and wonderfully exciting plans. I enjoy the solitude, but it is always such a delight to be interrupted from the paperwork- grind by...Jim... for example...beaming in with a rush of words about all that's going on in OPFOR. The pressure eases and a huge smile spreads across my face. My nc is still in front of me, but... 'it can wait' ...I say to myself. The enthusiasm is contagious. I have to set 'work' aside and revel in the moment. After all, isn't that what SL is all about?? Taking time out from RL...savoring a moment with distant friends who are sometimes more dear than those that live right next door...taking part in something that is real and fantasy at the same time...how could I not set the paperwork aside just a moment with Jim??
     Then... in comes Deb...it seems we have been caught!!... 'It can wait a bit longer'... I tell myself...Deb is such a delight and the best aide I have ever had in Strat Ops...(okay..the only one so far..but how could you replace her?) Her spirit is kind and sweet...enthusiastic but very observant. Without her temperance the team would not be the same.Wherever Deb is you can usually find snapper close by...'okay a minute longer'...how could I resist taking a moment to enjoy his quick wit and creative mind?? impossible for me...
     Then...just when I think...I may be able to focus on the paperwork...G saunters in!!! (Yes I said saunters!!) It is always a low key appearance...never a huge "howdy do!" but boy oh boy....you just never know...what he is going to look like from one day to the next. Always jovial, always energetic, always ready to do whatever he can do to get the job done... there he stands..and stands...and stands...ooops!!! It seems I am focused on the paperwork now. *smiles huge*
     My most difficult assignment as Lead of a division is to recommend awards and promotions...I thought about it...looked things over...sought opinions...rifled through logs...and all of the other things a lead should do. In the end all I could do is send a list...
     My mind felt content that I had the opportunity to share with all of GFC the value and dedication of people behind a screen who choose to be here. In my heart I would rather just say to all of the people mentioned above and those that were not. "I know your value. I know your worth. I know the difference that you make not only in GFC, but to every being whose heart you touch on the other side of the screen in this virtual world known as SL. So this post is for all of you!! I thank you personally for all of your time, effort, dedication, and most importantly your friendship. You have made a difference in my life and would that I had a real medal or promotion to give you for it!! My best of wishes to you all at the bi-annual ball and may our friendships be everlasting...Cheers to you that make Strat Ops what it is!!"




  1. Aww, Nice post Phed :)

    Likes how you mentioned me *winks*, I'm not too fussed about the others ^^


  2. Have you noticed how we just all burst in her office. May as well remove the door have her office open planned :)

  3. thank you phe, you have helped make me grow into the character i ma today. from the little girl in the sandbox to whom I am today.

  4. *smiles*
    Always remember P, the work ethic always flows from top to bottom. The leader sets the pace and the rest of us just follow. Thank you for being such a wonderful Lead. I'll follow you anywhere!


  5. Phedre, you're absolutely right! This place has more than just ranks and regulations. Well said!