Saturday, 9 July 2011

Freeze Frame of GFC Blooper Video Released.

Sparroe - DS19 - R % R

As members of the GFC news blog, we get inside access to special information earlier than the usual public release.

Today's special information was the sneak peak to the upcoming Blooper reel!

As you can see below miss Sparroe looks like she is having difficulty displaying what she calls "Dance skills taught to her by Mikhil Baryshnikov himself!" However actually she just took a tumble and this picture was taken "Mid-fall".

But, this picture joins archives and archives of similar photo's of our Avatars looking ... not so glamorous. 

But what is important is that these photo's are a memory, a history, a legend, we are making the footsteps in the sand.
One day when this Blog may ... or may not be disused, someone will stumble across it a follow the footsteps.

Welcome to GFC History Folks!
It's here to stay!

(Please note: Blooper reel is fictional, Only used for content)

Can you see how things can be misinterpreted?

I make mistakes,
you make mistakes, 
we all make mistakes,
and we always forget this fact!

Sometimes a little bit of Self analysis is in order,
instead of pointing out these mistakes
what can we do to help them correct it?

GFC is a communal effort,
We cannot ridicule one another for mistake making,
Let's drop the hostility and unite, 
Live the Dream.

Written By, 
Jimmy Vehrous
snapper Desade
But mainly Jimmy


  1. Well looks like someone had some fun after I went to bed huh??

  2. The tagline sold it the rest was just padding lol.

  3. O.รณ well tht was... interesting lol

  4. lol! Okay, whatever do say snapper.

    Personally the Picture does it for me - Just that on it's own would have worked lol!

  5. Personally I think bloopers are the best. I have a folder full, Jim, if you want to add to the collection. :)