Friday, 15 July 2011

High on Grass

On visiting the Constellation market place Lt.jg Richardjrn Weatherwax and I noticed something different from the 4th of July opening. Its one of those things that slaps you in the face and say's "Oi, look at me", so we did. We stared at it in bemused wonder.....Drawn towards it like a magnet to a fridge

We stood in it and watched as our feet disappeared under its green pastures wondering if one of those stores had a lawnmower we could borrow.

In the centre of the market was a large green space, the kind of space governments are forced to place in the middle of urban cities to remind residents  that grass, flowers and trees still exist and weren't destroyed in a low budget sci-fi like catastrophe depicted during the time before tv period drama's.

As we both stood in the long grass we half expected a herd of wildebeest to come charging or a multitude of wildlife to come jump out at us....Well that's what i thought, Richard was still looking for the store that sold the lawnmowers.

Fortunately we didn't find anything untoward in the swaying mini meadow, no treasures, secret tunnels or divisions that had stopped functioning and had been overtaken by weeds....we found non of these things, so we left the mature lawn and placed our feet back on good old solid prim pavements.

In hindsight, I wonder if we laid down in the grass would anybody be able to see us....<pause>....Last one to constellation lawn is a tribble lover......<TP>

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  1. Ewww, watch out... I bet the Admiral ordered tall grass there to take his dog for a walk, and *not* clean up afterwards! O_o