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GFC Bi-Annual Ball - July 2011

The Multi-Purpose Hall - The Venue of the Bi-Annual Ball

GFC Bi-Annual Ball - July 2011
Written by Jimmy Vehrous

So, another 6 months has passed and my word hasn't it been a long 6 months. Mobile Research Units, Playing in the Grass, Being Kidnapped on Al Raqis - the Last 6 months have given us a lot of enjoyment and this Ball in my eyes just gives us hope that this fun will continue.

Admiral Mechanique looking over his "subjects"

Right, I thought that I would let everyone know exactly who received a promotion this Ball. I hope that you will be able to congratulate them next time that your in world. The ranks attached to the names below are their new ranks.

"Commander" Angelis Bourne - Recommended by Medical
"Rear Admiral" Andromeda Quonset - Recommened By Command
"Captain" Ave Vollmar - Recommended by Linguistics
"Lieutenant" Crix Clawtooth - Recommended by Security
"Lieutenant Commander" Dave Fearguis - Recommended by Library
"Captain" Demeter Slade - Recommended By Library
"Captain" Emilie DeSantis - Recommended By AAC
"Commander" Farodin Rhiadra - Recommended by Communications
"LieutenantJG" Gokyu Ugajin - Recommended by Strategic Operations
"Lieutenant" Harmon McBride - Recommended by Library
"Commander" Isra Laval - Recommended by XenoMusicology
"LieutenantJG" Kal Aie - Recommended by Strategic Operations
"LieutenantJG" Thomas Aker - Recommended by AAC
"Lieutenant" Lillian Aries (Zhaan) - Recommended by Personnel.
"Lieutenant Commander" Kaori Juliesse - Recommended by Security
"LieutenantJG" Mexes Snowpaw - Recommended by Medical
"Lieutenant" Phedre Aionfall - Recommended by Communications
"Lieutenant" Richardjrn Weatherwax - Recommended by Research
"Captain" Sereana Westland" - Recommended by Research
"Lieutenant Commander" Sodak Xeltentat - Recommended by AAC
"Lieutenant" Unadecal Arado - Recommended by Security
"Captain" Biride Ireland - Recommended by Security
"Lieutenant" Eric Silvercloud - Recommended by Command

Zhaan Accepting her well earned Promotion!

Congratulations to all of you who gained a promotion! I wish you the very best luck in that new position.

The following people recieved an Award at this Ball, I won't tell you all the information because we would be going on for Hours! So Here are those names.

Angel Sachertorte, Ave Vollmar, Combramax Mechanique, Damien Avedon, Dave Fearguis, Debbydo, Dustin Sunflower, Emilie DeSantis, Farodin Rhiadra, Gandalf Nakamura, Gimonia Horten, Gokyu Ugajin, Harmon McBride, Isra Laval, JD Matova, Jimmy Vehrous, snapper Desade, Jon Mankiewickz, RoBobby McMillan Journey Juran, Kaori Juliesse, Lillian Aries (Zhaan), Malcolm Sholokhov, Mailc Skytower, Miezekatze Lemon, Nimue Davi, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Robobby McMillian, Serp Auer, Sodak Xeltentat, Stuart Falmer, Tal Dix, Thomas Aker, TimoL McMillan, Sereana Westland and Eric Silvercloud.

snapper Desade Gets his Commendation award!

Personally this is my First Bi-Annual Ball, and because of some rule I couldn't get promoted - though had the rule not been there I'm sure I would have *laughs*. But anyway, I recieved the Starfleet Commendation Award and the Legion of Merit Award.

What does this mean to me?

Well, It tells me that I have been recognised in GFC for my work, It also tells me that people appreciate my work and that comes very warmly to me.

A Personal Thank you to snapper Desade and Phedre Aionfall who recommended me for these awards.

Anyway ... moving on.

Another awesome part of the Ball was the Strategic Operations/OPFOR Roleplay. Admiral Mechanique was abducted by the Orions from Al Raqis. It was all very tense and scary! I made a quick judgement and called the U.S.S Paris for them to send fighters to intercept the fleeing Orion craft that had the Admiral tucked away on board. Unfortunately they failed and the fighters were destroyed ... The Admiral is still missing. We think we has taken to Al Raqis, DS19 has been informed and their crew sent to locate him.

The last time we saw Admiral Mechanique

A Thank you goes to the following people who participated in this RP:
Cobramax Mechanique
Gokyu Ugajin
Tails Cluny
Dustin Sunflower
Malcolm Sholokhov
Me ... of course

A Special Thank You however goes out to:
Our Orion Friends from Al Raqis
Phedre Aionfall
(Strategic Operations Lead)

We were all ushered outside to enjoy the GFC Bi-Annual Ball fireworks!

mhmmmm ... fireworks!

As usual, some of our members got a little over excited!

Sodak Xeltentat (left)
Gandalf Nakamura (Right)

Of course, to finish of the evening, well rather my evening, We all went back into the roddenbury building to enjoy the after part which of course was ... as always ... Gravity free!

Took us ages to learn how to do this!

Jimmy Vehrous, Kal Rasa, Sodak Xeltentat and Gokyu Ugajin!

(Below) Debbydo Strutting her stuff!

Anyway, I hope that you all had a great time at the Ball, and if you missed it I hope reading this post has allowed you to catch up on the goings on in GFC.

Again, Congratulations to everyone who received a Promotion and/or award, I am sure you earned it!

A Final Thank you to both Cobramax Mechanique and Katrina Bixby.

Thank you for reading!
Jimmy Vehrous!

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  1. Great post Jimmy! Nice to see that you put all the names in there too... something to remember. :) Just one thing... I got an award too you know! And you didn't mention me! *sobs and goes to a corner* :P

  2. Oh My! Sorry Rob! I'll put you in there right away.

    But cheers for the comment!


  3. Like the waving of a wand, Robobby's wish comes true, you can come out from the corner you mediocre work has been recognized :P