Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Orion's know how to party

There are two things the orions are know for.

1. Knowing how to enjoy themselves
2. Making you know they know how to enjoy themselves

AAC pilots found that out after a hard days training. They wanted nothing more than to relax in DS19 with a glass of replicated liquid that insists in masquerading as a drink, the camaraderie, backslapping of pilots and regaling each other with stories of maneuvers  they'd performed no more than twenty minutes ago as if they were retelling tails of their youth.

Orion's were the last thing they wanted to see as the adrenalin pumped through their veins and that drink masquerading as a liquid substance slid down their throats boasting an aftertaste so potent that even Klingon's are known to pour it into the nearest flower pot when no one is looking.

Of couse non of this was any concern of the two Orion's unashamedly  gyrating to the tones of  sounds they had requested being played across the bars tannoy system which resembled two drunken cardassians hitting a triangle with a spoon, but that was enough for the Orions to find some rhythm out of it to grace DS19's dance pole in a sensual and public display of courtship.

Though our AAC pilots were oblivious,these weren't just any Orions, whispers in the sandy regions of Al Raqis and Botany Bay II suggest our vegetable coloured friend had influence....So what were they doing here?

Some members of the bar sat quietly as the proceedings unfolded, they  were less oblivious and more suspicious of their visit and intended to keep a close eye on our friend from the planet below. 

Obtained security camera footage 1 2

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