Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A sad day in the Fleet

Lt.jg Taurik Xaris Relaxing in the sandbox
I have been in the GFC for about 3 months now and have met some wonderful people here.

I started off at the academy where I passed and was given got my first assignment with a wonderful guy who took me under his wing and encouraged me to go beyond my abilities. Before I knew it I was a full member of the careers devlopement team. He gave me my first promotion which scared me as he put on a very serious face and told me to stand up staight and then announced that I was now crewman 1st class which was witnessed by my first appointment Artemis Yeu.

Today Taurik Xaris resigned from his post as the careers development lead with these words.

"Its been an honour,

I have served with you since I graduated from GFC Academy in 2009, I served as Assistant Lead CDO, taking the reigns as Lead in 2010. This time spent with you all has been fun and productive, I can truely say it was an honour to lead you all on this journey. However I will be stepping back a little- walking with you instead of leading. To this end I declare Demeter Slade Acting Lead, CDO until such a time as the Admiralty confirm my successor.

Let's keep this fleet great.

Taurik, Debbydo & Jimmy eye up a champagne bottle

Though he will still be around to help out he'd be sadly missed especially by me.

Good luck sir and thank you.

Debbydo salutes her lead and wishes him well.