Thursday, 23 June 2011

To Boldly Eat at the Klingon Kafe

Kaori here with a culinary adventure! I wandered on the promenade, like I usually do when I wake up with a hangover. Crabby and hungry. So what better pick-me-up then a nice hearty breakfast to start your shift on Prospero station. This morning I think I'll go for something different then my usual Bisquits and Raktijino. The Klingon Kafe. With an extensive menu and very well supplied. Then again, I doubt the Klingons have much trouble with supply routes being raded by Ferengi or Orion Mauraders.

Slightly dissapointed as I was hoping to see a Klingon in apron and chef's hat. That would have kick started my mood with a giggle. With an uninviting demeanor I am glared back at with a mocking "I dare you to order" look. A bit intimidated I ask, "Any recommendations?" and am answered with a outstretched arm and a pointing finger at the menu at the wall.

All I knew about was the famed Gagh and was surprised that there are 51 selections of Gagh alone.I decide to have a cup of Bahgol tea with a small portion of Torgud gagh, which was described as having a distinct wiggle, and a side order of Gladst with a bit of Grapok Sauce.

As I cringe at the squiggly wigglies, the chef smirks and tells me, "It is an Acquired taste. " So I shrug and dig in! During the second wretch as I try to put the bowl back onto the counter the proprietor looks back with looks that kill. That term has a completely different definition coming from a Klingon armed with cleaving knives. So I finish the meal with great effort.

"It's an experience I recommend for those of a brave heart".

Our gagh is a Klingon delicacy consisting of unprocessed serpent worms cleansed and spiced to perfection.
Choose from many of the succulent live and squirming types or order them stewed, for the more sensitive belly (at an extra cost).

It has been said that the actual taste of gagh is revolting and it is eaten solely for the unique sensation of the gagh spasming in one's mouth and stomach in their death throes. There are at least 51 different types of gagh, each with its distinct taste and texture, including:

* Bithool gagh, which has feet 50 slips gpl
* Filden gagh, which squirms 60 slips gpl
* Meshta gagh, which jumps 55 slips gpl
* Torgud gagh, which wiggles 60 slips gpl
* Wistan gagh, packed in targ blood 80 slips gpl
* Stewed gagh, 95 slips gpl

Despite my aching belly.... I did feel honorable surviving the meal.
So.. If you're ever on DS19 Prospero station, have a peek at the menu and sample some Klingon delicacy! It is anything BUT delicate. A meal with a hard kick and punch. Qua'plah!

*signs off and runs to the rest room*


  1. Lol love the article, welcome to the team.

  2. personally i prefer Meshta gagh. well actually it is the Jetaime symbiont that likes gagh and as its host i guess i have acquired a taste for some very exotic dishes, gagh being one of them.
    i would like to say that the article is excellent and i look forward to reading more posts by this correspondent.
    p.s.- cute picture too

  3. Blood pudding is always nice, and there you go again with your mouth wide open *winks* what have we told you about that K

  4. The Picture at the bottom is brilliant.

    As for Gagh, I think it is revolting.

    Welcome to the "Bestest Team Ever" K :)

    Happy Bloggin' !!!!!