Thursday, 16 June 2011

AAC Tactical Event 160611

Greetings Fellow GFCers!

Today a record was created when 16 people turned up for the long anticipated AAC Tactical event. As I said in my previous post we had something wicked in store for GFC members - and boy did we live up to that promise. There was a lot going on today . . . so I hope that I covered everything.

Now, we wanted to give Constellation (as we know it) a fitting end, so we decided to keep the details about this event a secret. Gokyu Ugajin leader of the Red "fighter" Squadron headed up the event, and a congratulations go out to him for delivering GFC such an interesting and fun evening.

I was very eager to get started with this event, so at 5:30pm SLT me, snapper and Gokyu all made our way to the tactical area in Constellation to await the arrival of other GFC members. I was amazed, by 6:00pm SLT we had been joined by 13 other people.

I wanted to note their names down here so they too, will go down into the memory books.
- Ensign Gokyu Ugajin
- Crewman 2nd Class Jimmy Vehrous
- Captain snapper Desade
- Lieutenant Sodak Xeltentat
- Crewman 2nd Class dustin thunderstorm
- Ensign Thomas Aker
- Master Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Sholokhov
- Ensign Colin Nemeth
- Master Chief Petty Officer Starr Jetaime
- Ensign Kal Aie
- Lieutenant Kaori Juliesse
- Klingon: Captain Toq
- Bigmoe Whitfield
- Andromeda Quonset
- Debbydo
- Cobramax Mechanique

Once we had made sure that no-one else wanted to join our group we made our way to a temporary access point to the old abandoned facility beneath Constellation. It was a great pleasure to be able to explore this area seeing as though in a short few weeks it will be no more.

We were briefed on what task we were about to undertake, I for one did not have to foggiest how I was going to survive. The task was to infiltrate the facility below, and then in one word . . . survive. We were set upon each other with the intent to kill until there was only one man left standing.

Set Phasers to Stun!

Battle commenced once everyone had found a place within the endless corridors beneath the ground. It was cold and damp and every step felt like it took a life-time, until you spotted you enemy. Speed would fast-forward and before you know it you had either beaten your opposition; or you had died trying.

I was one of the unlucky ones, cut-down by my opponent. I did however score a few kills before my ultimate demise which I was quite chuffed about. One we had died we were able to "come back alive" as it were due to the amazingness of how Second life works; and try again.

It seems I was not the only one not having much luck. Each time I would re-trace my steps back into the underground building, each time surprised at what I found. It was an odd feeling to see dead bodies all over the ground however I found some solace knowing that I was not dead at the time.

We had two matches . . . A first game with three lives and the second with only one. I would personally say that I was most pleased with my efforts in game one: taking down one of the eventual winners lives, however, I did enjoy the second match more due to my one-on-one match with snapper Desade . . . which of course - I won.

The Result!:
Game One Winner (Last Man Standing): Gokyu Ugajin
Game Two Winner (Last Man Standing): Thomas Aker

From what I could tell, Sodak was very shocked that he didn't win!

Overall I believe that this was one of the best events GFC has ever produced. We had a lot of fun and I don't think there was any one person who did not have a little giggle. It's a shame that Constellation is going in for a re-fit but I'm sure that the finished result will be brilliant. Lets all cross our fingers and hope that there is a large tactical area planned for the rebuild, we can then offer these sorts of event more often.

So I hold my glass up for Constellation and I hope that you RIP before your grand re-opening.
Three Cheers!
Jimmy Vehrous.

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  1. Awesome post Jimmy, thanks. And i'm sure Sodak will thank you too for that "shot" of him *grins*

  2. I thought you'd find that funny ^^ aha! Love it . . . I really enjoyed writing this one. Probably because it was a really good evening.