Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Parties in the Phoenix Station Bar

The GFC's gorgeous looking Phoenix Station Bar saw plenty of action this Saturdays as two events were held over the day.

First between 12am to around 2:30pm the AAC (academy air corp has a party).

AAC Dance
Diabetes event in action
Later in the evening starting a 6pm and finishing at 9pm the place was rocketed to it cores as an event to bring some awareness to Diabetes was held by Social Events division.

We were glad to see those who come along and bothered to show up for such a good cause, especially those from other trek and sci-fi groups who came to celebrate a common cause and to dance the night away, you compassion and generosity were all appreciated.

This was a celebration for paying off a $25 million Diabetes Research Facility and this year invested over $900,000 in research, every little helps.

More fun from the Diabetes event
The dance was linked with a RL event which was happening simultaneously in the US at Sandpoint Eagles Club #589 Sandpoint Idaho in association with the diabetes charity JDRF.

Slideshow picture video of event

 Pictures from SL Diabetes Event - https://goo.gl/photos/Qn3DxbyGY7WVwPjf9