Monday, 19 January 2015

Promotion & Award Certificates sent out to members

With the 2014/15 Bi-Annual winter ball not even cold (well a weekish) certificates have started to be sent out to those lucking members who have been promoted to their shiny new ranks. Vice Fleet Admiral cobramax was tasked with getting all those certificates written up and sent out via email, skype or what other means those who haven't embraced technology required as their delivery systems, carrier pigeons  I heard was a very popular choice for many.

Myself and debbydo had ours sent  already, they will have pride and place....erms somewhere, not sure where yet, we can put it with our other medals, accolades and death threats.

Congratulations for all those who were promoted at the ball and have received their well earned recognitions, may 2015 be as fruitful as 2014.


Admiral JD Matova has also started sending out certificated for the awards given out through emails or what other delivery system is needed.