Friday, 19 December 2014

White Christmas

Absalom West's Log:

So here I was, back at the GFC. I decided to ride the GFC Monorail today and glanced casually out the side window and my eyes beheld a wondrous sight! Snow! The entire lake had frozen -- winter was finally here!

GFC Christmas

Even as I watched, the Space Elves were decking the halls and jingling each other's bells.

Frosty snowmen greet anyone with the Christmas spirit with a jolly, coalish smile.  Is that a carrot or are you just happy to see me?  :)

I perk up my ears and hear round-the-clock Christmas carols playing on the land stream.  I walk deeper into the scene and see a magical skating pond with free skates laid out for anyone to take. There are places to sit by a roaring fire with your friends, and couples seats in a snow-covered gazebo lit by a thousand Christmas stars.  Dance with a special someone. Make a snow angel. Build a snowman. Watch the Christmas Elves on the ice. Catch a glimpse of the reindeer through the white pines.

Take the time to visit Social Events's Winter Wonderland.  Bring a special friend for a merry ol' time.

GFC Christmas

Merry Christmas from your friends in Social Events!

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