Monday, 24 November 2014

SLSFC8 Construction Begins

The construction workers have finally come off their coffee break and begun work on the public works for the next Scifi Convention.

The main tower in the lagoon is reaching skyward.  Welcome Center at sea level will offer direct access to and from ACS Island.  Merciless Ming's crowns the structure and will give patrons a commanding view of the whole Con.

The hilly terrain of this year's Con is making the public works a challenge to build, but the engineers have come up with a brilliant modular solution.  Teleport Hubs will have interchangeable parts, able to be shuffled and swapped around to suit the particular needs of the various locations.  In the example below, you can see three modules surrounding a tree module.  The colored dots will be teleporters to the other sims in the Con.

You can visit the official Convention blog here: http://slscificonvention.wordpress.com/

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