Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Trek Sim Rising Fast!

"Star Trek: Recondition"

Today I find myself on a cold frozen planet circling a dim star far out on the edge of known space.  I don't know the name of the planet, but my scanners detect a small Federation colony on the frigid surface.  I go down for a look and get a little info from the local command.

Shaun Rigs McCallen captains the newest incarnation of Star Trek in Second life: Star Trek: Recondition.  Set just a few years after Insurrection, 'STR' will tell the story of a darker period in Federation history, and the brave people that strive to uphold Starfleet's ideals and ethics to push the darkness back again.

The sim builds are well underway.  Half a dozen starships and a starbase already hang in orbit, while the ground colony and headquarters is also coming along nicely.  Here's a few very early screenshots of the new buildings rising out of the snow.  Nothing much is textured yet, but things look pretty snazzy already.

Towers of the HQ

Academy Building

Landing Point

The Highlands with a strangely familiar artifact on top

After a nice tour around, I lifted off again in my beat up old cargo ship and headed back to the stars, but I'll be back here often to see what wonderful things these people will cook up.


Shortly after this log, Star Trek Recondition utterly destroyed itself through infighting, betrayal, dishonesty, and everything else that usually assails Star Trek sims in Second Life. Today, to the best of my limited knowledge, the sim is a generic rental sim with a few isolated Trek people still trying to hang on to their former glory.

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