Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Red Alert!

October 4th marked the grand re-opening of the GFC Tactical Division.  After several months of planning, organizing, and restructuring, the doors of the shiny new facility were officially opened in their new (old) location.

The new facility boasts barracks, a configurable briefing room, squad leader offices, and an armory, as well as vehicle and scene rezzers, all packaged in a highly appealing and functional, beautifully landscaped, and low-prim complex in Sovereign sim.


The grand re-opening party was a big hit!  Bright balloons, scantily-clad cheerleaders, and dancing all led up to the official ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a special weekly general meeting inside.

Much fun was had by all.

Special thanks to the builders: Wolfie, Ben, Beth, and Merky; and to the the people that helped inspire and guide the final build: Moonglow and her team, and Debbydo.

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