Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Priority One-Alpha transmission from Starfleet Command.

Starfleet has lost contact with the fast courier ship *USS Cicada*, en-route on a secret mission to Phoenix Station with extremely sensitive cargo. Last transmission is as follows:

“Mayday! Mayd…. *static*

This is the courier ship Cicada, en-route to Phoenix Station. We have been attacked by Gorn raiders and are losing life support. Request immediate assistance!  We are attempting to land on a nearby unexplored class-M planet. Coordinates are 21 degrees north by…. *static*

Request immediate….. *long static*

Long-range scans indicate that the Cicada crashed somewhere in dense swampland along the planet’s equatorial region.  Your mission is to brave the dangers of the swamp, find the ship, retrieve the cargo, and deliver it safely to Phoenix Station.

It's the Great GFC Halloween Adventure!

Your adventure begins in Sovereign sim near the new Tactical building:

Brave the vicious Gorn lurking in the swamp and find your way to the crashed ship.  Look!  Someone is still alive!

Search the ship for clues, find your way to the secret cargo!  But beware!

What is the secret cargo?

          And why are the Gorn after it?

                    Play the adventure and find out!

The Great Halloween Adventure was conceived and built by your friends in Social Events and Engineering:

Debbydo - concept and design
Wolfie - mesh props and construction
Beth - scripts
Tony Stark - main game script
Rich Merk - construction and story

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