Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Statue

Every day when I wake up in my house in Constellation, I take a step out to breathe in the fresh air... and there is always one thing I see. One thing which annoys me.

The statue...
It's that statue. That non-descriptive, could-be-male-could-be-female statue, just glaring at... well, at what, really? The horizon? The Phoenix which takes you to Phoenix station? And why does it have its back to Galaxy, anyway? That's just rude!

"What's it looking at?"

It could be because I didn't have my raktajino yet... but for some reason, I got quite upset about this statue today. It was like it was taunting me. Challenging me. As if it was saying 'I am stone and you are bone, so I am superior. Deal with it'. The nerve of that inanimate object!

While every other day I'd go back inside to get me a nice cup of tea - earl grey, hot - followed by a raktajino, today I chose to do something different: I chose to confront that statue. So I flew up to it. It might be ten times taller than I am, but that didn't stop me from telling it the truth, once and for all!

"You don't look so tough..."
At first I merely hovered in front of it, staring into its non-existent eyes. A face without eyes... that's just creepy, isn't it? Since the entire area was silent, and there wasn't a soul in sight, I figured I'd let it know what I thought of it. "You are nothing more than a pigeon's target practice," I told the statue, thankful that no-one was here to see me talking to a stone figure. "And who are you supposed to be, anyway? Cochrane? Then why don't you have your hand raised to the sky, like this?"

The second I raised my hand, I accidentally touched the statue. And then disaster struck: a loud rumbling could be heard, and before I knew it, the entire statue lay on the ground, shattered into a million pieces.

"Think anyone would notice?"

'Whoops', I thought to myself.

I had to do something to make this right... perhaps with the help of Engineering's industrial replicator, I could create another statue? But where would I get a template for it, so that the replicator would be able to create a large enough statue, that fast? Pretty soon many Starfleet personnel would start their day, and they'd certainly notice that the statue was no longer there...

Then I had an idea...

As I looked at the new statue, I couldn't help but smile. It was quite an improvement, if I did say so myself. Now... hopefully nobody would notice the difference...

The new statue... hope you like it!

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