Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The new Headquarters Arrives

This Sunday was one of those momentous days in the GFC as the new headquarters build by Timol McMillan came down to replaced the old one which had serve the group for years.

The new HQ features bigger rooms for divisions, interlinking corridors for the new library and new Roddenberry centre. The biggest change for some would be the glass covering the central structure, in the old building it was open so your avatar could even fly straight to a divisions floor. When you enter the building your welcomed to a large foyer. Nothing has been added there so far but will in time. To get to the lift you walk up to the first floor, which has the New Recruitment office and medical. following floors have rooms for the other divisions.

The recruitment office is already fully functional within hours of the HQ being placed and has achieved its first sign up there already. Over the next few days, divisions will furnish their rooms out and other areas at a later date.

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