Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New update to a GFC classic ship on the horizon

The gryphon has been one of the most used ships in the history of the GFC, certainly its the most updated boasting an array of features, like hyperspeed, jump drive, recolouring, towing crates, mouse look and standard 3rd person flight modes. Also working with PCS and specially made JCS combat systems.

For sometime there has been talk about not just updating the scripts but also the shell, well that time is close to arrival. Early work has started on the new mesh build with the engineering team of Wolferein Foxdale and Beth (isilmeriel resident) firing up their 3d software attempting to produce what could  be the coolest GFC ship to date.

Watch this space for more details and below check out the 3d view of a very early mesh model (which has been updated since).


  1. is it a mesh and is it out yet Kal Aie and I might want to get one peace

  2. Its still in development, but should be available soon we hope