Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Strategic Operations reboot & Divisional Front Pages

Strategic Operations Front Page
This week the Roleplaying division of the GFC received its long awaited reboot, dramatic changes were made to the group. First of all just about every aspect of the division was restarted from scratch, new roles created and a dedicated site page created.

The main focus in the new look Strategic Operations division was giving the rpers more control over the rps they run. The person controlling a roleplay event is called a Mission Commander, usually they are the captains of the ship or commander of the scenario. The role of a Mission Commander is to run all aspects of their rps, from the selection of the crew, recording of logs of the rp and how the event is projected to the rest of the group. Due to the fact scheduled rps are self enclosed they are in full control of running their rps as an event and have the final say how it works, the scenario and storyline. This way rpers are allowed to rp freely and be experimental with their role plays. They usually have an assistant in the form of an XO who works with them and takes over their roles in their absence.

Multi-Media and role play logs

Strategic Operation Coordinators

These are the members who deal with the day to day enquiries of the division, if people want to join Strat Ops or need face to face information and advice they are the people to chat to. They are also responsible for making sure information is up to date and generally keep things ticking along, though they aren't officially leads they do have similar responsibilities as them.

Strategic Operation Game Master

This type of role is for members who create storylines, scenarios which may or may not be related to a scheduled rp. They will also create random scenarios which members can interact with, these can happen at anytime out of the blue.

Strategic Operation Reporter

A reporters duties will include helping publicise role play activity in written stories, articles, pictures, audio or video forms from a variety of sources like websites, blogs, social media.

Strategic Operation Admin

Documentation is an important factor in any division, an admin officer would help make sure paperwork is done to keep information updated as possible. if we need information, its should be the right information to the best of our abilities.

Strategic Operation Directors

These will be sim owners and or senior members, who will overlook the division just to make sure things are going well, they'll usually not deal with the day to day running of the division, but in the event of policy changes and situations which can't be resolved by other members they can assist in looking for a resolvement.

Calendar and Staff information
Keeping logs of roleplays isn't just great for storing group history but keeping other members informed about what happened in a recent rp. These logs are now easily available online not just for members to read, but anyone on the net.

A special front page has been created to link information about activities in the division, the idea of front pages are to have a place where important links are easy to find with no need to constantly having to bookmark various sites. As divisions can manage their own online site they have the opportunity to reflect more what divisional members do and want. Links to other members pages or information could be added to creating a network of activity and relevant data.

The Strategic Operation from page launched a few days ago, links on the page site added requests for joining the division, reading the mission statement, tips on how to create an rp in the group and submitting an rp request, FAQ, calendar, rp logs and descriptions audio and video links and pointers to other GFC resources. This was all wrapped in popup window design which makes reading the information not just more pleasurable but keeps it on one screen.

As time goes on more additions are going to be added and better ways of viewing certain information, so watch this space.

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