Saturday, 13 July 2013

Memorial to Venya Salome

When the time comes to write about the full history of GalaxyFleetCommand one of the early contributors who will appear on the first few pages would be Venya Salome.

Recently we heard the sad news the Venya had passed away and a memorial service was planned on Saturday where both Admiral Cobramax Mechanique and Fleet Admiral bixby said a few words in her honour in front of a crowd of members and friends who turned up to give their respects.

Venya was sent off in classic GFC style by having a capsule propelled into the far reaches of space, It is also said something similar was done in Eve Online where she was a member. She received a posthumous promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior grade which everyone thought was heartily deserved. To top the ceremony off a firework display  lit up the skies and live audio played across the land stream with admiral bixby and Mechanique talking with other members about venya, her work and early days in the GFC to an appreciative listening audience.

Venya sent off with a picture which was one of her favourites
Venya was what you could call an early maverick builder in secondlife when the virtual world was still fresh from its bubble wrap. Back in 2005 she was one of those who worked on the original Galaxy sim which was the first full plot of land the GFC owned.

She then and probably more notably  worked on the second GFC purchased sim called Aeon where she build the rental homes, the roads which linked them and worked on the bridge which connected the far north part of the sim, it was one if its most famous landmark features.

She also created the archer tower which was one of the largest built ground structures ever made in the GFC.

When you look a back at the early influences which helped shape this group for over 7 years, her skill, talent and imagination has touched the GFC profoundly, her work is fondly remembered and paved the way for where we are now in GalaxyFleetCommand and for that we will be forever grateful.

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