Monday, 17 June 2013

Bi-Annual Ball Not Far Away now

Its that time of year again, well twice that time of year, you guessed it, the Bi-Annual ball roadshow rolls out again where we reward members for their activity within the GFC over the last 6 months.

This summer ball subject matter is "Past, Present & Future", which can be translated to "Where the group came from, where it is now and where its going".

Earlier in the week the invite sites were placed down by the communication division around various locations in the GFC sims. It features a rotating wormhole with an invite in the middle spinning round creating a quite nice effect.

Once clicked you'd be sent a notecard stating:

Official 2013 GFC Summer Ball Invitation

The Admiralty of GalaxyFleetCommand, cordially invite you and a guest
to attend the 2013 GFC Summer Ball.

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 2:00 PM SLT

This year's theme will be "The wormhole exodus . Past, Present, Future.".

Please join us in the Roddenberry Center (multi-purpose hall) in Galaxy Sim.

GFC members are required to be in Dress Uniform
during the Awards and Promotion Ceremony.

For further information, 
please contact Debbydo Social Events Lead

The large resize boards also have a depiction of the ball with a picture of members standing in front of a wormhole which mysteriously doesn't suck them in.

So get your speeches ready, its gonna be a event full of promotions, awards, music, dancing, fireworks, rp's audio recordings and whatever else  the Social Events team has thrown in this year. I've had a look at the ball set and its truly awesome.

If you have a Secondlife account you can link to the ball location on the day or visit the sim at any other time.

Ball location ---> HERE

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