Friday, 10 May 2013

New Tactical RP's Starting Up

Today, an eye witness account stated that a hovering Cardassian Warship was spotted over the Tactical Arena in Sovereign. Another account showed evidence of massive robotic creatures; breaking down the door to invade the Center.

Others say that they were WASPS? But the things what happened today showed that we found out what they were really after. After fighting through herds of Robot's - we came across the leader of the pack - Bune Rabbit. He shouted "TAKE COVER WE'RE IN A TACTICAL RP!" as I fought through the herd of enemies. After the carnage was over, I looked up to see a massive ship above -  I took another look - only to see waves of fighters emerging.

After taking to the sky in fighters of our own - I gazed into the sky where the Warship still hovered. We assumed a tactical assault formation and fired at the ship. Minutes later, we dealt serious damage to their engines. They were on the verge of collapse.

I watched the ship explode in a huge fireball and watch it crash. Debris flew in all directions so we called the cleanup crew in. They weren't happy.

Bune reports that this was just a test...but the Warship make you think of what else does this BunE have in store for Tactical? What will his next mission involve and what will happen?

Bune says: "Now I will be hosting a Tactical Event every Saturday at 6pm. Come See what's in store!"

This is Jonathan Shark - reporting for GFC News.

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