Saturday, 11 May 2013

Greedy Tournament Announced

One of the most popular games in SL is the diced based game called greedy greedy from K.R. Engineering. Its based on games like Dice 1000. Up to 8 players sit a round a nicely designed table and take it in turns to throw and hold dice on its display. The rules are easy to learn and once learnt people find they spend considerable time at the tables playing with other members.

 There are a variety of similar games available in the real world or online, some of the most famous being Farkle and a version on facebook and some available for smart phones like android and iphone.

So since people like to play a fun little tournament has been set up this weekend.

Michel Rosenstrauch Has organized a greedy tournament on Saturday 11th May at 12pm slt.

The tournament will be held in the phoenix Station bar in sovereign sim.

Location >>>> HERE

 The tournament will be done under the Zilch rules.

 For more info Please contact  Michel Rosenstrauch.

 all welcome to come and have fun.

  Lt Cmdr Debbydo
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