Monday, 8 April 2013

First Contact Weekend

As the story goes in the star trek movie "First Contact", the vulcans landed on April 5th 2063 and made contact with the human race for the first time. To celebrate Social Events put on a weekend event starting Friday 5th to Sunday 7th.

A special set was created to replicate the campsite where initial first contact was made, which included the bar, with jukebox and the Vulcan survey ship, the T'Plana-Hath. Which were created by members Richmerk Resident and Wolfie.

Many spent most of the their weekend in the sim at the campsite chatting and partying away, there was plenty of dancing going on throughout the event. A video screen was put up to watch trek related content and on Saturday the GM (General Meeting) was transferred to the camp scene and we had our weekly meeting there. This was followed by more group partying and conversations about trek, life, the universe and everything.

Everybody seemed to have had a good time and we look forward to the next big event.
More Pictures HERE

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