Thursday, 14 March 2013

Warming up for St. Patrick's Day

Crackling noises could be heard from the subspace transceiver as a gargled message was being sent.

The comms officer ran the message through a filter, boosted the gain and got something which at least sounded legible.

>>>>>> Message <<<<<<

There will be a St Patrick's day Event  in the Roddenberry Centre on Sunday 17th  March.

Come and have fun and dance in the fair haven style Irish bar.

The main event will start at 1pm SLT  but the bar will be open for all to enjoy earlier so look out for announcements in chat.

Lt Cmdr Debbydo
Social Events  lead 

>>>>> End Message <<<<<<

Last years Event --> HERE
Pictures from Last Years Event --> HERE
Secondlife location to Fair Haven Bar --> HERE

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