Friday, 22 March 2013

New GFC Rifle and Tactical Retooling

After a surprise attack from the Marquis the tactical area in the GFC was damaged, staff injured and pride blown to shreds. But, as the saying goes, when the "When the going gets touch the tough get going", tactical stood back up, dusted it self off and prepared for a new era of defense of the GFC, never will it get caught out again.

The first thing which had to be done was retooling, fortifying and turning our tactical troops into defenders of the realm. A Nav Mesh has been added to the tactical area floor so now pathfinding compatible devices like drones can work in that area, this should aid in the training of the squads.

The new standard JCS rifle and meter system has just being fully introduce allowing for firing without the need of rezzed bullets and more accuracy than previous guns used in the group. By using the JCS system the gun now can shoot down the likes of ships like the gryphon and those which also have compatible JCS modes. Bring land to air features in devices we can create ourselves.

Graphic Design - Sophie Johnson  (Hydregion Resident)
Members can pick up copies of the new JCS rifle in Constellation sims Medical Centre or Phoenix Stations Welcome Area and AAC  briefing room and  in Sovereign sim, just wear your GalaxyFleetCommand group tag and click the vendor, accept the item and check in your recent items for a directory with the rifle and JCS meter in it. You wear the Tactical tag to pick it up from tactical building.

Temp attach versions are also available outside the tactical building and the AAC Briefing room. You simply click the temp vendor and accept the item being attached, you will then automatic be wear the item without need for searching in your inventory for it or constantly looking for it if you own it. Its a fast way of picking up items when you need them. Temp attached items are never stored in your inventory so when you detach it they are gone.

This is only the beginning, so watch and listen out for laser fire, explosions and calls of "Man down" & "Medic".

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