Sunday, 10 February 2013

40,000 Pageviews and she wanted to write it on a notecard...

The conversation went a bit like this.....

Debbydo "Oi snapper".
Snapper "Yes, sweetness and light".
Debbydo "I have an idea"
Snapper "Should i get you an asprin?"
Debbydo "No, I'd like to do a newsletter about things that happen in the GFC, like on a notecard"
Snapper "Notecard, who's gonna hand that out, who's gonna read a notecard, infact who's gonna
read a newsletter, about what you do in the GFC????".

And that's how the blog started,. a simple idea about doing a newsletter. To be honest once we put it online we kinda thought a few stories maybe written every so often. But here we are 40,000 pageviews and 700+ stories later.

I Would like to thank all the writers who at some point contributed and wrote some great articles, plus all those who read it which make it worth while writing it.

And the members of the GFC for being the inspiration to the stories and of course Cobramax Mechanique and Katrina Bixby for who without them, we wouldn't have been writing this at all. 

Special thanks to our readers in Russia  we don't know who you are, but we are glad you're reading, so nice to have so many from around the world "Мы рады вам понравится, не стесняйтесь, чтобы поздороваться в комментарии.".

If that translates wrong, google we'll be coming after you :P

Any ideas of things to write about or if you want to contribute just drop us a message.

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Until the next post....

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