Saturday, 12 January 2013

Leaked blurry B/W Winter ball Photos

With the winter ball rapidly approaching some sneaky Romulan like figures have infiltrated the GFC, passing through its defenses unnoticed. Blurry pictures have been taken and no doubt past to some nefarious organisations. Communications has been intercepted and decrypted.

<Message decrypted> 

GFC Bi-Annual ball being held again, expect plenty of promotions and medals to be handed out... rumors of Hollywood like speeches, the thanking of every kind of deity, their parents and the guy they see down the road sitting outside the shop who they said had inspired them.

The themes is claimed to be engineering, our spies noticed a warp core pulsating, we couldn't get close enough to examine the technology, some have said  there will be a large transporter ship which will send it to a different location for the actual event, they maybe using a wormhole we have noticed to get it there quicker.

One report is there may be a quiz, admirals audio address, gifts to give out, dancing and many hours of joyity. We shall keep you informed of any further development. 

Ball Date:

GFC Bi_annual Ball
Saturday 19th January 2013
2pm SLT
Secondlife Location: Ball Location
Invitation link: HERE

< End Message>

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  1. The encrypted transmission was received. The console entry might be a target, I am glad with GFC security its well secured. The future holds friendly, yet sometimes hostel encounters. But GFC will with stand all obstacles with the help of its team.............