Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How To Get Firestorm To Feel Like A V1 Viewer

We heard earlier last month in a post that the Phoenix viewer creators were officially stopping supports for that version of the viewer which is an interface to the second life grid.

The problem being that the structure of Phoenix viewer is based on an earlier V1 core and we are now at the V3 stage, this means just to get certain things working requires constantly finding ways to make basic functions work properly instead of innovating.

 Very soon the way avatars are going to be displayed will change, this will further break that viewers ability to function properly and its too time consuming to be trying to keep this viewer up to date when they already have one in Firestorm which works with all the newer server core codes.

To help migrate users from the now unsupported Phoenix to the newer firestorm viewer a video tutorial has been made to show how you can get the Firestorm's UI to function similarly to how you had Phoenix or other V1 viewers set up.

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