Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tower of Research

Tower of Research
Hanging around in the new stations' hangar bay and I decided to throw a snowing effect up into the air. Dustin Thunderstorm, Snapper Desade, Langy Moorlord and Richardjrn Weatherwax started wowing. Now, I know -- it's nowhere near Christmas, but hey - what'cha gonna do? Everyone loves snow!

So we're all just...standing around until I get the sudden urge to teleport right on top of Snappers' head.

Initially, Snapper was like "hi up there". Naturally, I patted his head like the good boy he is. ^_^

I sat down on his head then Rich (from nowhere) gets the urge to teleport on my head. And he sat down. I look up and see another figure through the hologram. 'twas Langy! He used the teleport command in Firestorm to teleport on to Rich's head!

Let this be a warning. Never stand between researchers and boredom.