Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday's Medical RP: DAY OF THE NANITE

Doc Songlord:  Medical Log
Chief Medical Officer of Phoenix Medical
Admiral Cobramax Mechanique: Greetings. I have urgent orders. To begin, you are to initiate research on nano-phages  Something to kill nanites in situ. This must be done as quickly as possible. In fact, its top priority. Under special dispensation 455.6, you are authorized to use captured Borg drones as experimental subjects, if necessary. Under that special dispensation, the prisoners health and well being is protected, but he may be used as a donor for nanites and as a barometer for the efficacy of a vaccine.

And so it begins...

The GFC Medical team assigned to Phoenix Station begins a research effort to isolate a way to safely destroy nanites while inside a humanoid; an effort that brings new problems and issues at every step. From the ethics of nanite research using Borg prisoners to the effects of sonic feedback waves on the substructure of the station itself, the medical team must overcome every obstacle encountered along the way to their goal, a cure for nanite infestation and it's complement, a vaccine.

Nanite samples, taken from a Borg prisoner are decompiled, disassembled and analyzed at a molecular level in an effort to isolate any indications of weakness or vulnerability, The nanites immediately show signs of adapting to proto-vaccines, and even infecting the sensors being used to analyze them. In an effort to prevent further infestation and system corruption, Razor builds a self-contained analysis unit, confining the nanites in a Klein bottle type apparatus that isolates them, even from the very sensors that analyze them. Even as the research continues, the nanites, through a mechanism of their own, begin to evolve into invasive mode and self-replicate. At the same time, Da5id discovers that the Borg prisoner is a Unimatrix Zero adjunct, and has the potential for individuality.

Razor discovers that the construction of the blood nanite  is non metallic. It appears to be  a silicon based form, maybe  a complex glass that Da5id was able to identify as mono-crystalline Boronitride. Ai isolates the grouping of frequency bands that the nanites are using to communicate. In an attempt to disrupt those frequencies, she generates a pink noise pulse on those frequencies. Initial tests were not encouraging, so the researchers try exposing them to heat. Ai programs in a wide band pink noise signal and causes it to be broadcast throughout the station.  The nanites immediately break containment in the isolation ward and attack Da5id's neural implants, leaving him trapped in the isolation ward. At the same time, a piercing high sonic wave permeates the entire station, and the entire lab begins to vibrate.

End of RP

Cobramax Mechanique: Admiral of the Fleet
Doc Songlord: Chief Medical Officer of Phoenix Medical
Da5id Weatherwax: Physician on duty/Section 31 agent
ZhaanP'auZoolu: Research Chemist, DNA Specialist and Senior Physician
Razor Indigo: Chief of Research and Medical Technology
Ai Kikuchiyo-Stine: Chief of Staff, Medical Researcher
Vixen Penny: Research Assistant, and Biologist
Dustin Thunderstorm: MDK Security Officer
William Kirk: Security Officer


  1. And then the researchers come down from the bar to find out what is going on, finding the medical team have created a pulse wave that is destabilizing the stations structure, they issue a red alert and program in an inverse pulse to cancel out the first one. All whilst they drink their drinks (mine is hot chocolate).

  2. Hands Richard some tablets and shows him to the padded cell.