Monday, 22 October 2012

New Bj Ship Join The Fleet

Two new ships from the Bj fleet got a public airing this week. Firstly was the black sleek Bj interceptor which appeared in a variety of events in the last 7 days. Its initial showing was on wednesday's AAC event when it stood up well against a handful of GFC planes and again on the friday's AAC event defending the DS19 station from attack giving it its first proper exposure to the group.

The other ship is the bajoran raider a transport ship which holds 4 people and has a canopy which opens and closes. These ships were originally made a year ago, but didn't really find a home, but with the new emphasis on races with ships and accessories associated with them being created plus new updated scripts, the planes are a welcome addition to the fleet and come just in time for when the Cardassian fleet of ships start making an appearance.

If you want to fly one of these ships come to the hanger bay in DS19 and click the ship rezzer button to fly a guest version. These ships and more will be rolling out across various locations in the sims over the next few days and weeks, so keep your eye open and reach for the skies.

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