Saturday, 29 September 2012

Celebrating 25th Anniversary At The GFC

Its hard to believe Star Trek the original series is 46 years old, but 25 years ago this week was another milestone, it was when the next generation blasted on our tv screens. You remember those screens, the boxed shaped one which actually had buttons on them where you could change channels and we use to simulate stereo by shaking our heads left and right very quickly.

We all loved the charactors  Picard (sexiest man in the universe at one point if tabloid magazines were anything to go by), Riker (the man with the john wayne lean walk, more laid back than a reclining chair), Data (fully equipt android apprently), Troi (I'll try any alien male at least once), Beverley Crusher (And didn't we all have one on her), Wesley Crusher (we didn't have one on him, the traveller couldn't take him far enough away), Geordi (I can't see a thing but i'll do your electrics), Wolf (Today would be a good day to die, but trek aliens can't fight, can't aim, couldn't kill a fly that has already surrendered), Tasha Yah (seriously, you got killed by Tar man).

And to help celebrate we'll be getting into the spirit of things at the GFC with parties and events to remind us of how TNG helped spawned nearly 20 extra years of trek series.

To start things off a version of the Skant Uniform seen in the first episode has been given away to members in a group notice. The uniform was supposedly unisex, but people just called it the man dress.
Let see how many guys are daring enough to put it on. Me being as brave as a klingon at the heart of a battle, I flung it on quicker than a transvestite at Mardi Gras.

Left: Orginal from episode 1 - Middle: Free Gift to Members - Right: SnapperRealising he doesn't look good in everything.

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