Friday, 10 August 2012

Wacky Racers!

After watching Snapper do his magical dance or whatever it was he was doing - me and Rich decided to have a little fun. At this point, I was already sitting on my motorbike and that image sent a spark through Rich's matrix.

That spark created a whole new thinking process which made him dig up an old Racing Track from his inventory. After rezzing it above Deep Space 19 in Sovereign, I rezzed another bike but in Rich's favourite color (Black) and we decided to have a three lap race.

Lap ----- Rich ----- Sophie
 1    ----- 0:41 ----- 0:46
 2    ----- 0:31 ----- 0:40
 3    ----- 0:35 ----- 0:36

As you can see from the lap times, it was a photo finish! Rich won by one second! I wasn't disappointed but I enjoyed the race. :D

Start Line
Rich ahead at the beginning

Sophie took the lead on lap two!

Holding onto a slim lead....
Retook the lead on Lap 3....

The photo finish!

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  1. You know if I was up there all you would have seen is a dust trail and a shell pass you by.