Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer Ball 2012 report

The GFC Bi-Annual Summer Ball 2012
The Adventures of Captain Proton! -

Time seems to pass us so quickly these days, it feels like only yesterday that I was walking the streets of Fair Haven. Six Months since that day, and from what I have heard it's been awfully busy!

Well, it was nearing 2PM SLT and people started to gather outside of the Roddenbury Centre; the venue for the Bi-Annual Ball. They were greeted by a new addition to the Ball system where there were free items available to members at the doors, these freebies were:

Captain Proton Outfit
Created by Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah)

Constance Goodheart Outfit
Created by Dave Fearguis

President of Earth Outfit
Created by Dave Fearguis

Henchman Outfit
Created by Dave Fearguis

GFC Bi-Annual Ball T-Shirt(s)
Created by snapper Desade

Black and White Male Skin & eyes
Modified by snapper Desade

Ocular Eyes and Gun
Created by Andy Ketterly

Captain Proton Ship
Built by Dave Fearguis, Scripted by Richardjrn Weatherwax.

A Thank You goes to all of the above!

Even the Admiral dressed-up for the Ball!

The time had come, everyone has arrived and taken their seats and the Admiral took to his Podium. He welcomed everyone to the Ball and wasted no time beginning the festivities. Sodak Xeltentat took to the stage shortly afterwards to explain the Ball Movie that was to be shown on the big screen!

The screen was lowered and the movie began, Which I must say was a huge success! I special Thank You to both Sodak Xeltentat and Sereana Westland for their work on the Movie! I personally hope there are many more additions to the thickening plot!

To watch the first half of the movie please Click here.
To watch the second half of the movie please Click here.

You don't have to miss out!

Now it was only the part that everyone was looking forward to, the awards and Promotions. I was going to write down on here the awards and promotions in full, however that would take up far too much room, and take far too much time.

There were a huge amount of awards given during the ball this summer and without further delay, the names of these lucky recipients are as follows:

Alia Farshore, Andy Ketterly, BlackRosePhantom, BlueAgate, Chandler Wilkinson, Cobramax Mechanique, Culama Foxclaw, Damien Avedon, Dave Fearguis, Debbydo, Dustin Sunflower, Emilie DeSantis, Eric Silvercloud, Ethan Muldoon, Falo Priestman, Farodin Rhiadra, Flower Garside, Gimonia Horten, Gokyu Ugajin, Isra Laval, Jailan, JD Matova, Joshua Humbridge, Kal Aie, Kaleaon, Kaori Juliesse, Kendra Mollsen, Kieran Braveheart, Lillian Aries, Malcolm Sholokhov, Malic Skytower, Mexes Snowpaw, Michel Rosentrauch, Monkeyman Firethron, Nimue Davi, Orika Oakleaf, Perfecto Convair, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Richmerk, RoBobby McMillan, RSD58 Congrejo, Sereana Westland, Silver Visage, SirJedHerbit, Snapper Desade, Sodak Xeltentat, Sophie ohnson, Starr Jetaime, Stones Petty, Tails, Tauik Xaris, The Songlord, Thomas Aker, TimoL McMillan, Katie Zwilling.

Congratulations to anyone who received an award, however there were more things to uncover; such as the promotions that have been given out. They are as follows:

Vice Admiral Andromeda Quonset
(Promoted from Rear Admiral)

Commodore Birdie Ireland
(Promoted from Captain)

Commodore Da5id Weatherwax
(Promoted from Captain)

Commodore Sereana Westland
(Promoted from Captain)

Captain Sodak Xeltentat
(Promoted from Commander)

Commander Dave Fearguis
(Promoted from Lieutenant Commander)

Commander ZhaanP'auZoolu
(Promoted from Lieutenant Commander)

Commander Richardjrn Weatherwax
(Promoted from Lieutenant Commander)

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Aker
(Promoted from Lieutenant)

Lieutenant Commander Kal Aie
(Promoted from Lieutenant)

Lieutenant Commander Gokyu Ugajin
(Promoted from Lieutenant)

Lieutenant Debbydo
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Taurik Xaris
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Mexes Snowpaw
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Harmon McBride
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Harry Ketterly
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Michel Rosenstrauch
(Promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sophie Johnson
(Promoted from Ensign)

Lieutenant Junior Grade The Songlord
(Promoted from Ensign)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kendra Mollsen
(Promoted from Ensign)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Katie Zwilling
(Promoted from Ensign)

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ghee th'Thane
(Promoted from Ensign)

A huge Congratulations go to all of the above!

Admiral Mechanique - the mind beam!

Now anyone who looks at this picture knowing that this was in fact the Admiral might be wondering what on earth was going on at the Ball. Well wonder no longer because this was the fantastic RolePlay that took place at the end of the awards.

The Ball was held within the Holodeck and we had all dressed up in traditional Proton uniforms, however someone had forgotten to remove the *real* Chaotica from the programme. Admiral Mechanique had come dressed as Chaotica which was bad news when the *real* Chaotica came storming into the Ball area followed by one of his trusted Henchman and a Robot.

Chaotica ordered the Robot and the Henchman to bring Admiral Mechanique towards the Brain manipulation device, however as the Admiral was placed upon the table Captain Proton and Constance Goodheart entered the room to stop the Evil Chaotica.

Chaotica ordered his Robot and his Henchman to apprehend the intruding programmes whilst he brain-washed the Admiral. Luckily Captain Proton was able to convince the GalaxyFleetCommand staff to help him save the Admiral. After a short confrontation between Chatoica's Minions and the Ball Attendees, Chaotica was forced to leave and the Admiral's brain was returned to normal. Good prevailed!!!

The Adventures of Captain Proton Summer Ball RolePlay Cast:

Narrator - Stones Petty
Admiral Mechanique dressed as Chaotica - Cobramax Mechanique
Fleet Admiral Bixby dressed as Arachnia  - Katrina Bixby
Doctor Chaotica Robobby McMillan
Captain Proton - Dave Fearguis
Constance Goodheart - Debbydo
Chaotica's Henchman - Edward Auxifur
Chaotica's Robot - Jimmy Vehrous

It was a great RolePlay which I was lucky enough to be able to participate in. I'd like to thank any of the Ball Attendees who joined in during the finale.

All that was left to do was to celebrate in true GalaxyFleetCommand style with a great Fireworks display and then a party which lasted all through the afternoon.

So that's yet another Ball over, and another Six Months in GFC history! We've only got another six months to wait until the next one, I wonder what the theme will be?

A special final Thank You goes to both Admiral Cobramax Mechanique and Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby! To Dave Fearguis for the incredible Ball themed room and to Social Events for yet another great Party!

A final Congratulations to everyone who received an award and/or Promotion at the Summer Ball!

Written by Jimmy Vehrous for GFC news.

For more pictures of the ball please Click Here!


  1. fantastic article about a fantastic day, congratulations to all who received awards and attended.

  2. Nice article Jim! Love it! :D