Saturday, 5 May 2012

USS Pegasus Pilot Flight

Its always good when a new RP arrives and PO1 Silver Visage has put a fledgling crew together to premiere a new roleplay. The maiden RP of the USS Pegasus differs slightly to the RP we are more accustomed to, instead of just having a basic premise and free form RPing, he's elected for a complete story line with beginning middle and end. So your aware of the expected outcome.
Now you would think that would be very limiting but in reality it worked quite well because the player knew exactly what path in the story they needed to follow and they had freedom to find interesting ways to achieve those goals. A system like this I would imagine would work well for members who aren't as comfortable free forming where they may be scared of saying something wrong or inadvertently steering the story off in another direction.

In the first episode of this RP the Constitution class starship the USS Pegasus leaves Earth space dock on a mission to explore a newly discovered world but they get a distress signal early into their flight from the vulcan homeworld, it transpires a mining accident on an asteroid in orbit above their world has now been blown off course and the huge chunk of rock is hurtling toward the planet below.
The Pegasus elects to come to the Vulcans aid. An asteroid that large made up of that amount of dilithium  would have even more dramatic effects when smashing into the planet, the devastation would be horrific.  The only option was to break the asteroid up into small pieces before it entered the atmosphere.

Though the crew were successful in saving vulcan from an unimaginable fate it took its toll on the ship and engineering reported various blown out systems which needed immediate replacements, but its was would take at least 2 days to get back to space dock at  warp 5 which would be the safest speed travel without shields failing and the ship being teared apart.
To find out if they made it back to Earth Dock you'd have to tune in to the next episode of the USS Pegasus.

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