Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Silver Shipyards

Now, we all know people are either talented or capable of being exceptional builders; but when it comes down to it - we don't like to admit it. Recently, the Aeon Sandbox has been teeming with life and has been used for a variety of reasons. This time, it's a shipyard.

PO1 Silver Visage has been working on a project for quite some time. For the past few days, I've been following his progress through the interest of the blog and to say I'm impressed with his skills is an understatement. His attention to detail and the ability to capture and construct an image is brilliant!
Excelsior in the Silver Shipyard 
This his is latest project. In an attempt to build models, Silver imagined it possible to retain as much detail from the original image and ship as possible, so making use of the space in the Sandbox - he's constructing a large version of the Excelsior. More teaser images are below.
Dorsal View
Aft View   

Although he still has the Nacells and Deflector Array to add - in addition to the remaining textures, I'd say it's looking pretty crew worthy. 
Silver Visage: The Man Himself!

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