Friday, 6 April 2012

The USS Hood launches

Last Monday at 6.30pm SLT, a new rp launched on its first solo maiden voyage and was already in trouble from the start. It seems some one had smuggled on board an alien life form, which possessed some kind of mind altering power which was seemingly being used to turn the crew against the captain and some how has managed to gain total control of all aspects of the ship.

How did this happen, what can be done, who was the culprit, how can they be stopped. To find out set Monday at 6.30pm SLT (second life/pdt time) in your diary and join the RP to find out.

Its advised to meet at 6:15pm SLT in the Aeon Sandbox HERE for pre-event briefing.
More Pictures HERE

Contact for details
Ship Captain:   Banditt Weintraub
Ship XO:         Joshua Humbridge

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